Website Translation

We put our experience into work for your organization in order to get effective results that will reach a larger target audience.

Tradovision provides high-quality translations of Websites of all complexities into more than 120 languages enabling you to connect to your international customers.

We do not simply translate. We localize! Country and culture appropriateness are cores of our process.

We can work with static H®L pages and edit or design them. We can also import source material from a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress or Joomla, and then directly integrate their translation into the CMS!

Dynamic script pages such as ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, DH®L, XML, and XHML are other formats and platforms we can localize.

When you plan to localize your Website, it would be equally important to localize any components such as Flash presentations or images to offer a complete Web experience. You can rely on our professional service for Flash and image localization!

We use our Translation ERP ® platform and translation memory management to improve the quality and reduce the cost.

Style guide creation, glossary, terminology management, maintenance, and localized search engine optimization (SEO) are other features of our Website translation and localization services.

Tradovision's leading-edge tools and infrastructure give clients flexible control of any language requirements!

We assure you that the result is nothing less than the most comprehensive Website localization solution available in the localization industry.

If you have a Website you need translated, request a free quotation now!