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Draft Translation

If you need the text for an internal review or for information, rather than publication, this option will help you to have the result in a greatly reduced turnaround time and at the cheapest rate. For this service the task will be assigned to a fully qualified, professional translator who will proofread his or her own work. A QA checker will then review the layout of the job to make sure nothing has gone wrong during text production. In other words, this is the basic translation that is not polished for external distribution. We can deliver material of this kind in amounts totaling up to 3,500 words per day.

Standard Translation

This option brings you high-quality and accurate translation, optimized for distribution. We assign two fully qualified and professional linguists who will work exclusively into their native language on the project. One translator produces the text, and the other proofreads it. A QA checker will then examine the layout of the job to make sure that nothing has gone wrong during text production. All your instructions and briefing guidelines will be respected, and you will receive a high-quality translation on budget, on time, and on point. This is our standard and most popular service level in which all steps in our translation work flow are maintained. We can deliver up to 2500 words of precise and reliable translations per day.

Premium Translation

If you need translations of the highest quality that read like an original, this option will be up to your standards. We assign four fully qualified, professional linguists to work exclusively into their native language on the project. One translator translates the source text, two independent translators proofread the text, and finally a reconciler who is the translator or the 3rd party finalizes the text based on the suggestions made for change. Then, a QA checker reviews the layout of the job to make sure that nothing has gone wrong during the text production. This is our premium procedure. We can deliver up to 2000 precise and reliable translated words per day.

Express Translation

Tradovision Language Solutions can provide you with Express Translation Service for your urgent projects. Here at Tradovision we can offer you high-speed translations, including same-day and/or overnight translations for your pressing projects, without compromising quality. We have built a reputation of working under pressure to help clients achieve the very best results in the very least time.

Although many in the industry may consider lengthy turnaround times for high-quality human translations a given, here at Tradovision we believe that special steps can be taken to expedite the process in time-sensitive projects. In line with that perspective, we use our Translation ERP® platform and CAT tools to provide high-volume, same-day, and overnight turnarounds of complex texts.

Certified Translation

Tradovision, an ISO-certified translation company, provides certified translations for legal and official documents.

You will get a signed statement affirming that the translation was prepared by a professional translator and is an accurate and complete rendering of the original document.

To ask for a certified translation, please request a free quotation now and make sure you choose "certified translation".

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