Translation quality is defined by accuracy and fluency. We provide proofreading services on request for any documents - whether translated by Tradovision or not.

In the proofreading stage, we verify whether

  • all sentences in the original document are translated.
  • the right words and phrases are used.
  • there is a perfect balance between faithfulness and natural style.
  • the exact meaning of the original sentences is preserved.
  • untranslatable material such as numbers and addresses are correctly transcribed.
  • the style and tone are appropriate and rules of cultural appropriateness are respected.
  • the translation is a correct representation of the original document.
  • the layout is preserved and design nuances are followed to the letter.
  • the translation is written in the way a native would write it.

If you have one or more documents you want to be proofread, request a free quotation now!