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Competitive Prices

Our simple and transparent pricing structure offers the most competitive rates for the high-level of quality we provide.

  • our services compare with the industry's most expensive providers.
  • our quality is unmatched.
  • Our rates are less than market average.

Documents may differ greatly in their genre, complexity, lexicon, and level of text technicality; so it is not feasible for us to offer a flat rate per word. Moreover, we also have to consider other factors including turnaround time in offering a rate for a project. That's why we give you our formal quote after our project managers receive the texts and take all the related factors into account.

We base our price on the language combination, the length of text, the subject matter, and the overall complexity of the project.

Discounts apply to large projects and long-term commitments. Rush jobs may require additional fees.

Recurring projects, such as newsletters or quarterly reports are assigned a standard price per word. So you don't need to request for a quote for every project.

Our Translation ERP ® platform and CAT tools have reduced work time and improved quality to increase your value for investment.

We invoice corporate accounts at project completion and ask you to pay according to the agreed terms.